About TEEC

Taiwan Experimental Education Center (TEEC), National Chengchi University is a research center authorized by Ministry of Education, Taiwan. Our mission is to promote the development of experimental education to accelerate the education reformation and innovation in Taiwan based on “3 Acts of Experimental Education”
Our efforts started in year 2015 through rural areas school-based experimental education project. We hosted rural areas school teacher training program, experimental education forum and committees’ orientation events. In year 2016, we started to provide in-service teacher training workshop focusing on experimental education and mixed-aged teaching. Besides, we coordinated with scholars and experts in consulting experimental education pilot schools. In addition, we held orientation event about experimental education for administrative staffs in local governments. We collaborated with local and foreign organization in mixed-aged and experimental education such as Japan, Austria and others. In year 2017, we started to publish experimental education handbooks for administrative staffs, committees, teachers and home-schooling parents. We also created database of experts in experimental and home-schooling education. We have invited foreign scholars and teachers to share their works and experience through workshops and international conference.